Custom Wire Harness Services


High-Tech Excellence custom wire harness designed to improve our customer’s bottom line.  SDI is the premier manufacturer of custom wire harnesses for the construction, agricultural, trucking, electronic, research, recreational, marine and auto racing industries. We build custom wire harness to our customer’s specifications, including using UL and RoHS compliant components. Our suppliers of terminals, connectors and wire are also UL and RoHS compliant. Additionally, Sheyenne Dakota Inc. electronically tests and visually inspects every single harness manufactured and we are proud of our reputation of making on-time deliveries of fault-free assemblies.


  • As a member of the Wire Harness Manufacturers Association, SDI follows the IPC/WHMA-A620   Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies standards.
  • State-of-the-art wire processing equipment insures durability and longevity of our assemblies.
  • Specialized engineering software for complex harness systems.


custom cable harness board

Part Quantities Produced: We can produce a wide range of production quantities to fulfill your requirements.
Part Dimensions (min/max): Wire harnesses ranging from inches to hundreds of feet.
Acceptable Drawing File Formats: We can accept any engineering formats for software like: AutoCAD, Pro-E, and SolidWorks, etc. Along with any of these other file types if needed: PDF, JPG, JPEG, BMP, TIF, TIFF, DXF, DWG, GIF, PCX, WPG.
Tolerances Achieved: Our state of the art equipment can maintain strict tolerances.
Equipment List: Includes the Komax Alpha 455, the Komax Gamma 333, and the Amp and Molex hand operated terminating machines. The Komax Kappa 240 is our cable processing machine.SDI prides itself of interactive prototype design and consulting. Our Amp and Molax terminating machines incorporate hand applications that we use when producing a one-up prototype. We have the inventory on hand to build a prototype and will ship it in a timely fashion.
Quality: Sheyenne Dakota has an exceptional testing procedure. In addition to checking the harnesses against both the customer’s and Sheyenne Dakota’s engineering drawings, the harnesses are inspected at the assembly boards then tested on Dynalab NX Testing equipment ONLY AFTER the harness has been completed.  Each harness is then visually inspected to ensure it is in compliance.

  • Our Commitment to Quality: We’ve worked hard to achieve our reputation for delivering cost-efficient, fault-free assemblies and have received numerous Quality Awards. However, our most important award is the loyalty and trust of our clients.
  • Our Commitment to Technology: From advanced, computerized order processing to state-of-the-art assembly automation, SDI offers you the most advanced cable and wire harness products available.
  • Our Commitment to You: We will meet any and all production requirements with guaranteed customer satisfaction, on-time and on-budget.
Inventory: We have a large inventory, however if we don’t have the requested component in stock, we can usually have it the next day and that’s true with many of our parts and terminal connectors. We can normally begin building your harness immediately.
Component Sourcing: At the customer’s request, SDI can often find less expensive alternative components to their original specification. We never change a part without the customer’s direction or approval.
Professional Associations: WHMA® ..The Wiring Harness Manufacturer’s Association®  WHMA

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