West Fargo, North Dakota

About Us building
Founded in 1996, Sheyenne Dakota, Inc. opened their first plant in West Fargo North Dakota. Later SDI completed an expansion project consisting of an addition of 11,000 square feet of production space to our existing 25,000 square foot building. The expansion has given SDI a three-fold increase in production capacity, increased our production efficiency and has allowed us to give you, our customer, competitive pricing.

All new state-of-the-art equipment

  • Artos CR-22 Cut/Strip/Seal/Terminate Wire Processing Machine
  • Artos TU-14 Terminating Presses
  • Artos CS-326 Wire & Cable Cut/Strip Machine
  • Artos, Komax, and Schleuniger De-Reelers
  • Amp, Molex & Packard presses
  • Stapla Raptor II Ultrasonic Splice Welding Machine
  • Autosplice Splicing Machines
  • 16, 24, and 36 Carrier Braiding Machines
  • Komax Alpha 455 Cut/Strip/Seal/Terminate Wire Processing Machine
  • Komax Gamma 333 Cut/Strip/Seal/Terminate Wire Processing Machine
  • Komax Kappa 240 Wire & Cable Cut/Strip Machine
  • Komax BT752 Wire Processing Machine
  • Komax 206 Cutting Machine
  • Dynalab testers
  • QA equipment
  • Machine tooling for virtually any terminal

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